Caller reports sparks underneath dish washer, firefighters find cat toy instead

Cat Toy

MADISON, Wis. — Firefighters made an unexpected discovery Wednesday evening when they responded to the 4500 block of Hammersley Road for a call reporting sparks coming from underneath the caller’s dishwasher.

When they arrived, firefighters didn’t find any evidence of a fire. Crews entered the home to inspect further but still found no evidence of a fire. Firefighters took off the bottom of the dish washer to check for electrical hazards, but rather than any hazards, they found a light-up cat toy.

When crews asked if it was what the woman found, she said yes. The ball was reportedly lighting up in all kinds of colors

The caller and firefighters shared a good laugh about the incident before going their separate ways.

Firefighters with Ladder 7 asked the woman if they could keep the toy, and she said yes.