Call for Action Week: Meet the volunteers behind the phones

News 3 Now is celebrating Call for Action week – an opportunity to thank our team of volunteers for their hard work and remind you they can help solve your biggest consumer complaints.

Call for Action is a nonprofit arm of News 3 Now that takes consumer calls, mediates on behalf of the consumer with the company in question and gets results – and often refunds. Just this year, the Madison-based team has returned more than $356,000 to local viewers who called for action.

What’s more, the CFA team has grown so much in recent months that each volunteer has a specialty, thanks to their unique background and experience. We wanted to highlight just a few of all of our impressive members.

Barb, lead volunteer – education

Barb has led the CFA volunteer team the entirety of her time here at News 3 Now. She organizes incoming CFA cases and assigns them to volunteers, often taking cases involving education and children herself.

“I came from a family of teachers,” she said of her biggest influences. “My grandmother taught German children how to speak English. It was just sort of in my DNA to become a teacher.”

Her career spanned several decades and industries, starting as a teacher, moving on to management in education and more.

“I went to Dane County’s Department of Human Services and worked as a child protective services worker… I have also worked in Mexico in the southern border with migrants and people crossing the broder – for six years I did that.”

We asked Barb to describe CFA to folks who are unfamiliar.

“We try and help people,” Barb said. “We try and educate people – we try and take people who are floundering about what to do to solve a problem and help them get to a solution.”

Terry, volunteer – finance and military

Terry joined the CFA team within the last year but has arguably provided the highest-dollar returns to consumers this year – he was able to return more than $200,000 to a farmer whose retirement savings had been the victim of a scam.

“I’m a strong believer in – you go through life, people help you you need to help others, and return the favor.”

Terry is a veteran and a retired attorney – his background mostly deals in finance, securities law, brokerage firms, and hedge funds.

“I think in the financial services area, people are having difficulties dealing with financial services, banks, credit unions, brokerage firms… they can come to me and CFA and get some assistance.”

This is just a glimpse of the volunteers behind the phones at CFA. All week long during Call for Action Week, meet more volunteers, learn about their backgrounds and how they can help you with your consumer issue.

Call for Action via our phone lines every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 608-270-2833, or call for action anytime at