Call for Action: Water heater fixed for family with newborn

Call for Action Week continues on News 3 Now This Morning with a look at the impact the CFA team has had on viewers across the Madison area.

Stay tuned every morning for success stories like Josh’s – a local man who was unable to get his water heater covered under a 6-year warranty, until CFA got involved and made some calls to the company. Less than a week later, his water heater was fixed.

Call for Action comprises a team of volunteers who mediate on consumers’ behalf to get answers, and often refunds, from the company in question. The team has a storied history in Madison and at stations across the country. Locally, CFA volunteers have returned more than $200,000 to wronged customers – and they hope to get some help with that work.

Do you have any interest in becoming a CFA volunteer and taking action to help your neighbors in need? You can apply to join the team at News 3 Now here.