Call for Action success: volunteers get family back $18,000 after home damaged

News 3 Now This Morning is wrapping up Call for Action week with a success story years in the making.

Sarah Shepler is more grateful than most this holiday season after a fire years ago devastated her family home. But what came next was even worse – the remediation company hired to clean up the mess left her house more destroyed than ever, damaging floors, furniture and even the air conditioning unit – to the tune of an extra $20,000.

“It was hard,” she said. “It was scary. We were in a hotel for a year.”

It happened back in 2017. Shepler and her husband went back and forth with the company for four years before finally calling the Call for Action team.

“He was able to accomplish in a couple months what we couldn’t accomplish in four years,” she said of volunteer Steve.

“One of our volunteers began working with this family quite a bit and was sort of an intermediary – which is what we do – and in the end what happened was they recouped $18,000,” said lead volunteer Barb of the case. “They were pretty grateful.”

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