Call for Action: Highland Manor residents share concerns over management

MADISON, Wis. — Some residents at a trailer park on Madison’s southeast side are saying their home has turned into a place they never wanted it to look like.

Residents at Highland Manor have voiced multiple complaints to News 3 Now through the Call For Action team. Michelle Bast is one of those residents, who just became president of the area’s homeowner’s association.

“I live in this park, I have for 29 years,” said Bast. “It just started to look like a trailer trash park. ”

Bast and her neighbors Patricia Frazier and Eugene Gilbert said their park has had lots of maintenance issues. Most of the problems surround trash pickup, poor lighting and roads in need of repair.

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Street Lights


“I don’t know if it’s a lack of communication, or not spreading the word, or what it is,” said Bast. 

The neighbors said they’ve had issues with Lakeshore Management, the company that took over the park three years ago.

“At one time, we were one of the most beautiful communities and well maintained and clean here,” said Bast. “We haven’t been that way.”

Lakeshore Management got back to News 3 Now reporter Kathryn Merck trough an email on Sunday. This was the response from the Director of Operations Shawn Halladay:

“Highland Manor listens to our residents’ concerns, and we are proud of our service and maintenance record.  Since July of 2022, we have had scheduled pavement of our roads to be conducted the first week of September. We have been diligently working with the local power company and our electrician to address the streetlights in the community. The first phase of installing new light poles, was approved in June, with installation commencing in September, with additional phases to come soon thereafter. We welcome the continued feedback of our residents on all issues related to safety, livability and curb appeal of the community.”

The residents said they’d heard this same response before.

“They were going to do the roads. They got the roads done. We’re gonna have all new lights put in. There aren’t new lights,”  said Gilbert. “They’re the same as what they were three years ago.”

“We’re caught in a hard place,” said Bast. “We should have no reason why we shouldn’t be able to live in a community that’s clean.”

Sheri Carter is the alderperson for the 14th District, where Highland Manor is located. She decided to step in to try to help these residents and said there are a couple of reasons why the property could be having these problems.

“I don’t think the mobile park has a maintenance crew,” said Carter. “The other factor is that it is private for some things and city for others.”

Carter said she plans to work with Lakeshore Management and the city to figure out what is under the private company’s jurisdiction and what maintenance falls under the city. She aims to push the management company to keep their word of getting things fixed by early September.

“We hope to get this resolved,” said Carter. “I think that if it’s not done by early September, then there’s got to be a way we go to the next level.”

As for Base and her neighbors, they hope this problem can be fixed as soon as possible. They said theydon’t want to be labeled as the stereotype they fear their home has become.

“It’s a community,” said Frazier.  “It’s not what you would concept as a trailer park.”

“For the place to start to look really trashy,” said Bast. “That’s not something we want to live in.”