Bystanders rescue man from water in Monona

Lottes Park Boat Launch Monona

MONONA, Wis. — The Monona Fire and EMS Department says bystanders helped save the life of a man who was under water for several minutes Tuesday afternoon.

Monona Fire and Police were called to the Lottes Park Boat Launch on the Yahara River on the 300 block of West Broadway at about 3:30 p.m. Tuesday after someone reported a man in the water. Crews responded within a few minutes, but by the time the initial units got to the scene, bystanders had already pulled the man from the water.

The fire department says paramedics took the man to the hospital with life-threatening injuries, but the actions of the bystanders helped keep him alive.

“We want to specifically thank the brave bystanders who did not hesitate to jump in and help save his life,” Monona Fire and EMS Department Chief Jeremy McMullen said in a statement.