By all means study dropping borders. Then drop them.

By all means study dropping borders. Then drop them.

   As Dane County and local municipalities continue to carefully review the performance of 911 and emergency dispatch operations –as they should – it’s important for good ideas for improving public safety services to move forward as quickly as possible. So we’re pleased to see Madison Mayor Paul Soglin propose an immediate study of dispatching the closest fire crews even it’s across city lines, something Dane County Executive Joe Parisi has asked the 911 center board to adopt.

   It’s pretty simple really…if you or I have a fire we don’t really care where the fire crews come from. Just get them fast. Right now individual departments are responsible for responding to calls within their borders, even if a neighboring department is closer. Soglin is calling for border dropping, an agreement the city currently has with the Village of Shorewood.   

   Frankly this just seems like common sense, and shouldn’t take long to study. But appreciate the recommendation and believes it should inspire some confidence in our local governments’ emergency operations.