Businesses with global impact unfortunately hidden

Combat Blindness International performed...
Businesses with global impact unfortunately hidden

Organizations and businesses headquartered in Madison but operating on a global scale are unfortunately hidden by a lack of attentiveness as much as lack of a fancy sign or ad campaign. Which is too bad, especially when they operate with the heart, passion and eye-opening efficacy of Combat Blindness International.

Under the leadership of its inspirational founder, retired UW-Madison ophthalmologist Dr. Suresh Chandra, CBI and a team of dedicated volunteers and staff have restored sight for more than 260,000 people in India, Africa and South America since 1984. It does so by performing cataract surgeries for roughly $25 per patient.

Even less well known are the free community eye care clinics CBI operates in Madison, including in the Madison Metropolitan School District, offering early detection of sight problems and funding a portion of care required by low-income patients.

Thanks to a generous gift from the Madison-based Jack Deloss Taylor Charitable Trust, CBI is building two new clinics in one of the poorest states in India. And it is partnering with new technology app company PEEK to rid the entire country of Botswana of avoidable blindness. It’s the kind of work that would put some headquarter cities on the map, if only they knew what they had.