Burke up with first campaign ad; Walker disputes figures

Ad will be broadcast this week
Burke up with first campaign ad; Walker disputes figures
Mary Burke

The first Democratic advertisement of the 2014 governor’s race will be broadcast this week.

Democratic candidate Mary Burke rolled the ad out Wednesday, which will air in unspecified markets starting Friday.

The ad briefly introduces Burke, but then attacks the governor’s record.

“Why is Scott Walker’s RGA spending a million dollars attacking her? Under Walker, unemployment is up, job prospects are down to 45th in the nation,” the ad said.

“It is striking that it is a kind of ad you would see a little later in a campaign, typically,” Marquette law professor Charles Franklin said.

Franklin said candidates typically take some time this early in the campaign to introduce themselves, but this time the sparring has already begun.

“Instead of the get-to-know you ad, we’re seeing a dispute over the facts about the economy that hit straight back at the facts that were cited in the Republican ads,” Franklin said.

A Republican Governor’s Association ad has been on the air for a couple weeks in other parts of the state and on cable.

For his part, Gov. Scott Walker said that the facts as he sees them speak for themselves.

“Everybody knows that unemployment is down from when I have taken office,” Walker said. “In fact, it is down from the peak in Jim Doyle’s last term when it was 9.2 percent. We’re at 6.2 percent now.”

The Burke campaign said the statement was based on unemployment levels when Burke was commerce secretary. They did not make her available for comment on the ad Wednesday.