Burke pushes plan to invest in economy

Democratic challenger for governor clarifies position on toll roads
Burke pushes plan to invest in economy
Mary Burke

The governor’s challenger Mary Burke pushed her plan to invest in the economy Wednesday.

She wants to make Wisconsin friendlier to entrepreneurs by attracting more capital that businesses need to compete and thrive.

Burke toured Madison’s Quintessence Biosciences on the east side Wednesday and clarified her position on toll roads.

“I said we want to get all the options out on the table. But first, actually look at whether the money we are spending is being wisely spent. I think too often government just keeps spending money without looking and saying, ‘Hey, what’s the effect of that, does it need to be spent?'” Burke said.

Burke said she questioned the governor’s effort to prioritize highway funding at an event in Milwaukee on Tuesday.

A spokeswoman for the governor’s campaign said he’s invested $6 billion in the state’s roads.