Burglar steals laptop from home while owner uses bathroom

Police see spike in residential burglaries

Madison police said a burglar stole a woman’s laptop computer from her home while she was using the bathroom.

Police said the 58-year-old woman was watching the president’s speech Thursday night at her home in the 1000 block of Friar Lane on the city’s west side when she got up to use the bathroom.

As she returned to the living room, she noticed her laptop computer was no longer on the desk in the study, police said.

It was at that point she realized a burglar had cut a window screen and stolen her $1,600 MacBook Pro, according to a Madison Police Department incident report.

Police said the woman was particularly distraught about losing some of her work. She was supposed to speak at an out-of-town conference and the computer contained her presentation, according to the police report.

Police crime analysts said the West District has seen a spike in residential burglaries over the past couple of months.