Burglar identified by surveillance images, police say

Officer recognized suspect while on patrol
Burglar identified by surveillance images, police say

A Madison man was arrested for a burglary that took place a month before after police used surveillance images and a pawn store photo to identify a suspect.

Adbulahi A. Abdi, 23, was arrested Saturday on suspicion of party to a crime of burglary and two counts of fraudulent writings.

Police said Abdi stole electronics and jewelry from two 23-year-old Lakelawn Place residents in early August. One of the victims told police he might have forgotten to lock his apartment door the night of the burglary.

Detectives said Adbi was identified in building surveillance images and a photograph taken of a man who sold the stolen items at Pawn America on East Springs Drive. A downtown officer recognized Abdi while on routine patrol, according to police.