Build School Funding Change Momentum

DPI's Evers is smart to start now.
Build School Funding Change Momentum



We’ve argued for significant changes in Wisconsin’s formula for funding schools for the better part of two decades now, so while we share the opinions of many that this Governor and this legislature are unlikely to embrace sweeping change at this moment, we believe momentum is building.

First of all, Governor Walker has said transforming education is a top priority. We believe that includes great schools and great teachers and the resources necessary for both and he has our support. Second, Department of Public Instruction Superintendent Tony Evers has developed a good working relationship with Governor Walker which we think is smart. So while Evers’ very appropriate and needed funding formula overhaul proposal may not find the support it needs right now we think it’s just a matter of time before the Governor and the legislature realize how important our schools are to our state’s competitiveness and economic well being and what’s needed keep them great. And thus momentum builds.