Bug season starts off strong

What you need to know: Friday

Along with summer comes bug season – and ticks and mosquitoes are already biting here in Wisconsin.

While experts say they’ve already heard of an uptick in, well, ticks, it’s too early to say just how bad bug season will be here.

“But this year the ticks seem to have rebounded, and they seem to be out in force,” PJ Liesch of the UW Insect Diagnostic Lab said.

Part of the reason for the uncertainty stems from the weather – but not today’s forecast. Instead, check what might have happened years ago.

“[Ticks] have a two-year life cycle, so there’s often a bit of a lag in what the tick populations do,” Liesch explained.

No matter how strong the season this year, Liesch suggests arming yourself with spray repellent and a pair of long pants — this is Wisconsin, after all.