Bucks have small chance at winning big in lottery

Bucks have small chance at winning big in lottery

The Milwaukee Bucks are in the running to get one of the top picks in the NBA draft lottery Tuesday after missing the playoffs. Their chances of landing the top pick are slim, however, at just 1.8 percent. Their chances of getting one of the top three picks are 6.5 percent.

The Philadelphia 76ers lost plenty the previous two seasons, though never managed to lose the most.

This season, they finally fell all the way to the bottom.

The potential payoff comes today, when the 76ers have the best chance to win the NBA draft lottery — and could walk away with two top-four picks if the pingpong balls bounce their way.

The Lakers and Celtics, the NBA’s most storied franchises, have the next-best odds of getting the No. 1 pick and the chance to draft the type of player who could get them back to the lofty positions they used to occupy.