Bruce C. Erickson

Bruce C. Erickson

Star light star bright the first star I see tonight… Who has two green thumbs, a sharp eye for landscaping and was extravagantly thrifty?

Well Bruce Erickson of course, who passed away unexpectedly on March 25, 2017. Let’s be honest here by saying his yard was as vivid as a Monet painting on a sunny afternoon. One of his gifts was proudly presenting to those who visited or strolled by his magnificent yard on Brigham Ave. The vibrant colors, the beautiful plants all arranged like an orchestra where each one popped as the seasons went on. Have you ever wondered: “what on earth is happening to all the bees”? Stop worrying; they’re merrily pollinating his picturesque front yard. Making plant life happen was Dad’s second passion in life. Many would attest to the fact that his first mission in life was to take care of his two boys, Bradley and Brandon.

For those who truly knew Bruce; he was never on time or quiet. Did that just slip out or is he already communicating through God’s Wi-Fi. He will get a chuckle in heaven for that in-jest remark and I’m sure we will pay for it later with the biggest bear hug imaginable as he so often enjoyed giving. His legacy will be those many fond, memorable examples of what strong character and humanity look like. He was a man of action, not solely based upon empty words alone. It’s incredibly tough losing a parent, trust me on this one. The natural order of life now leaves many of Bruce’s family and friends feeling sunk like an Oreo soaked up to our finger tips in milk. There was more strength in that man than any comic book character. It wouldn’t surprise us the least bit if he didn’t come back in some third dimension, back door, hyper-loop entrance to say that the grass is now greener on the other side thanks to his love of watering the plants. Since music was often being played or sung by him, let’s celebrate his life by playing uplifting songs to share with him and others we’ve lost before him. Remember now that we must crank up the volume so that our loved ones will hear us “Knocking on Heaven’s Door”. The good Lord, in our best calculation, is preparing the gnarliest reunion…in due time.

We love you Bruce C. Erickson!