Brown Rice & Honey: Artisan food producer winner

How sweet is this?
Brown Rice & Honey: Artisan food producer winner
Brown Rice & Honey

Kristina Stanley–this year’s gold winner in the artisan food producer category for her catering business, Brown Rice & Honey–created a Best of Madison cookie just for us!

The concept of her catering business is that sweet treats don’t have to be nutritionally void. (So go ahead, have another.) Stanley, who is also director of catering and events for Food Fight’s Market Street Diner in Sun Prairie, specializes in vegan and gluten-free cookies, cakes, muffins and other confections, and she’s constantly experimenting with alternative grains and sweeteners for her treats.

“The more I dedicate myself to this, the more of a mad scientist I become,” she says. “I just have a huge sweet tooth.” As do we, Kristina. As do we.

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