Braun 4th in NL All-Star voting

Braun doing well despite offseason drama
Braun 4th in NL All-Star voting

Ryan Braun has returned to the Milwaukee Brewers’ lineup and if All-Star voting is any indication, he may be making his way back into the fans’ good graces.

Braun returned for Tuesday night’s game against the Chicago Cubs after missing two straight starts with an Achilles injury that has been bothering him for weeks, along with a strained right hip that caused him to leave Friday’s game. Also Tuesday, Braun learned that he was fourth overall in NL All-Star voting in the first update released by Major League Baseball.

That’s despite a tumultuous offseason that threatened to wreck his reputation, as Braun’s potential 50-game suspension for a positive drug test was overturned by an arbitrator. Braun appreciates the support but says, “it’s not something I think about too much day to day.”