Brass markers stolen from veterans’ graves

Authorities say recycling centers are paying more for brass

The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office is stepping up its patrols in local cemeteries after thieves stole brass flag markers from the gravesites of 20 veterans.

Deputies responded to a complaint this week by the Hustisford American Legion. A legion member reported that 20 of the brass markers had been stolen.

Sheriff Todd Nehls said it’s becoming more common for the markers to be stolen because local recycling centers are paying more for brass.

He told The Reporter of Fond du Lac one might expect recycling-center workers to question people who bring in those markers, but they don’t.

Nehls is a Wisconsin National Guard veteran. He said stealing markers from dead veterans is just as bad as desecrating the flag.

Hustisford is 35 miles south of Fond du Lac.