Box of Balloons aims to make every birthday a celebration

Box of Balloons aims to make every birthday a celebration
iStock/Skip ODonnell

Nicole Moll has received plenty of hugs and presents on this Mother’s Day from children Trexen, Paceler, and Brenner.

It’s a change of pace for Nicole, who is usually more focused on helping others than worrying about herself.

“We want the moms to get the ‘thank you,’ we want them to get the hugs,” Moll said. “We believe in empowering the mom or the parents to celebrate their own children.”

Those ideas inspired Nicole to start Box of Balloons, a non-profit with the mission to make every birthday happy for kids and parents. Everything you might need for a birthday party is packed into a box and donated to a caretaker, who gets to make their children’s dreams come true.

“It just really struck me that there are probably thousands of moms out there who don’t get to celebrate their child’s birthday or blow up balloons or light the candles,” Moll explained.

The organization Nicole started in Sun Prairie has given 1,500 birthday parties to kids all across the United States.

Especially on days like today, the feedback from moms who have been helped by Box of Balloons has a special place in Nicole’s heart.

“We get pictures from moms saying ‘thank you so much, without you I wouldn’t have been able to do this,’ and to see the pictures of them smiling and having fun is so motivating,” Moll said.