Boutique captures comfort and versatility

Mainstream Boutique capitalizes on idea that...
Boutique captures comfort and versatility

There’s been a subtle shift lately in women’s clothing: We’re demanding pieces that work from day to night, and we want them to be comfortable. We’re less willing to suffer for fashion. Mainstream Boutique is uniquely situated to capitalize on that mindset. “Our niche is that we provide a huge variety of clothing for women in unique styles that you won’t find at another local boutique. And we strive to be a multi-generational boutique,” says owner Heather Mosher.

Although it’s a franchise, each Mainstream location is locally owned. (Other Wisconsin outposts include Eau Claire, Delafield, Milwaukee, Cumberland, Onalaska and Hayward.) Owners have control over what they buy, so they tailor the product mix accordingly. In Mosher’s store, you’ll find comfortable sweaters, tops, jeans, scarves, leggings and more–some of which are by Mac & Me, the store’s private-label brand. It’s all housed in a rustic-chic space with a muted color palette, a burlap area rug, a sparkling chandelier and a barn door from northern Wisconsin hanging on the wall. It all points to a Midwestern sensibility that Mosher proudly owns. “With a boutique, there can be a stigma that it’s unaffordable,” she says. “One of our most popular tops is only $26. We’re not out of people’s reach.”

Mainstream is a nice addition to Madison’s retail landscape with a touch of TLC thrown in: “We only carry one size run [of an item]. We don’t want women to go to dinner and see the woman next to them wearing the same thing,” Mosher explains. “But what could be better than making a woman feel great in her clothes?”