Boston Marathon bombing hero in town for convention

Boston Marathon bombing hero in town for convention

A hero from the Boston Marathon bombing was in Madison Thursday as the group Veterans for Peace opened its 28th National Convention at the Concourse Hotel.

Carlos Arredondo was captured in an iconic photo saving bombing victim Jeff Bauman.

Arredondo and his wife are spreading the word about the true cost of war, and in particular are raising awareness about suicides among veterans.

The couple lost one son in combat and another to suicide.

“The death of his brother impacted him. And there had been a suicide attempt earlier and he completed suicide in December 2011,” said Melida Arredondo in reference to their son who committed suicide. “It’s something that for the families is very concerning since we are losing 22 veterans a day to suicide. So it’s something that we are working on and very worried about.”

The Veterans for Peace Convention runs through Sunday.