Boscobel residents rallying around each other

Boscobel residents rallying around each other

“United We Stand.”

That has been the rallying cry around the city of Boscobel since flooding in June destroyed hundreds of homes.

This weekend, donated items from across the state were auctioned off to help residents affected by the severe flooding pick up the pieces and move on.

Despite having four rooms in her own home wiped out, Patsy Pippin is one of many volunteers helping her neighbors.

“It was a way for me to give back,” said Pippin. “We don’t hear a lot of the good, and for us here locally the outpouring of love was awesome.”

Boscobel Chamber of Commerce president Tom Richter said a month after the floods that many residents are still out of their homes.

“We hope this is the first and last annual of one of these events we ever have to go through,” said Richter.

“There’s no signs going down the street that this flood ever happened,” Richter continued, “but if affected hundreds and hundreds of people.”


Volunteers say that they don’t have a specific fundraising goal or an estimate on the number of area residents they hope to help.

Richter said they are in the process of figuring out the best way to help.

“We’re going to have to try and figure a fair way out to try and put as much money into the hands of people who were affected as we possibly can,” Richter explained.

Pippin said it will be a little while yet before her home is back to normal. She remains united with her fellow neighbors.

“I’m waiting to get a new drain field and I’ll have to have all new floors, all new vanities, and everything,” remarked Pippin.

“In a small community, we don’t have 500 contractors and this and that,” continued Pippin. “So you wait your turn and that’s OK. That’s fine.”

Anyone hoping to show support for the Boscobel community should head out to the city’s Kronsage Park on Sunday.

There will be a picnic held from 12 noon to 4 p.m. featuring free swimming in the pool.

Those coming are asked to bring a dish and some drinks to share. Meat will be provided by local businesses.