Boscobel Bird Dogs aiming for another state championship

Boscobel Bird Dogs aiming for another state championship

In the last three years, the Boscobel Bird Dogs trap shooting team has won two state titles and they’ve only been in existence since 2015.

The team is comprised of boys and girls, ranging from sixth grade to high school seniors. The Bird Dogs compete at the state level in Rome, Wisconsin, very year in June.

Head coach Greg Plotz is just excited to share his love of shooting with younger generations.

“When I can pass onto these kids, I can see them become good, that makes me happy,” he said. “Maybe one of these kids will take it to the next level sometime, and that will make me feel even happier.”

Trap shooting is continuously growing as a sport in the state of Wisconsin, especially among girls. Bird Dogs coach Karlie Klas, who was a state champion shooter in high school, said she enjoys competing among the boys.

“It’s fun sometimes being the only girl because all these guys kind of look at you like you’re not quite as good as them. They get out there and all of a sudden, you can actually hit targets and they’re like ‘Oh, where’d she come from?'” she said.

So what makes this team so successful? The Bird Dogs all say it’s their team bond.

“When someone shoots a good round, just going up and talking to them, and saying good job and giving them a pat on the back,” Drew Brown said.

This year’s state championships will be on June 9 in Rome.