Borland: Former players reaching out is ‘really touching’

Borland: Former players reaching out is ‘really touching’
Chris Borland interview on CBS This Morning

Chris Borland appeared Thursday on “CBS This Morning” in his first live interview since he announced his retirement from the NFL.

Borland announced Monday that he was retiring from the San Francisco 49ers after just one season. The 24-year-old said concerns over concussions prompted his decision.

“In fall camp last year I sustained a hit, and it was nothing out of the ordinary for a linebacker, physical play. I just thought to myself after that, is this the route I want to go, how many times am I going to do this, for how long and what are the real consequences?” Borland said. “It triggered a change in thought for me and subsequently I did a lot of research and ultimately came to the conclusion, that no it wasn’t worth it for me personally.”

Borland garnered national media attention for his decision. But he told “CBS This Morning” what touched him most.

“The most meaningful thing is former players who have struggled who have reached out. That’s been really touching,” Borland said.

Borland said he is contemplating going back to school. He earned an undergraduate degree in history from the University of Wisconsin.

He told “CBS This Morning” that studying business or academics may be an option if he goes back to school.