Bookmobile program aims to get children reading over summer

Bookmobile makes stops at Lincoln, Jackson elementary schools

Volunteers in Rock County are making sure students keep their reading skills sharp during summer vacation.

Janesville’s Bookmobile program aims to inspire children to love reading, especially during the summer, when coordinator Paul Stengel said students who aren’t reading can fall behind as much as two years.

“If students aren’t reading, they tend to loose about two to three months of their reading levels over the summer, versus those who do read over the summer, who do make the two- to three-month growth over the summer,” Stengel said.

The Bookmobile provides children with easy access to lots of reading materials.

So far, about a dozen students have come by the Bookmobile at Lincoln Elementary.

“Nobody keeps track of who takes how many (books), but we just hope to get them back, and if we don’t then we know someone is using them somewhere,” said volunteer William Doubleday.


Doubleday said he hopes more children will come out to the Bookmobile.

“(There are) not nearly as many (students) as we’d like. I’d like to see this whole lot filed with kids,” Doubleday said.

Volunteers said they’re always looking for book donations, specifically books for pre-teens or middle school students.

The Bookmobile sets up shop Tuesdays and Thursdays at Lincoln and Jackson elementary.

They Bookmobile sets up shop on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10-11 a.m. at Lincoln Elementary School at 1821 Conde St. in Janesville, then from 12:45-1:45 p.m. at Jackson Elementary School at 441 Burbank Ave. in Janesville.