Body found in Rock River ID’d as Jordan White

The body found in the Rock River on New Year’s Day has been identified as Jordan White, according to a release.

A release from the Janesville Police Department indicates a boater spotted the individual around 3:05 p.m. off what would be the 1400 block of Afton Road.

A family friend said the boater who found the body had been actively searching for White.

“They were part of our group. They were out there, and they wanted to do a river search, and they ended up finding a body in the water,” Josh Berg said.

Officials said there were no signs of external trauma to the body.

Police officers and members of the Janesville Fire Department recovered White from the water.

Berg said he was very thankful for how much the community had helped in the search for White.

“[It’s] very comforting, very warming that that many people are able to reach out and just want to help. Complete strangers want to help,” Berg said. “It’s very comforting.”

He said the support helped lift a burden off the family.

“They’ve just been a godsend on us,” Berg said. “Thank you for everything you guys have done throughout this search.”

The investigation is ongoing pending additional tests through the medical examiner’s office.

White had been missing since early November.