Board approves Beltline shoulder use

Board approves Beltline shoulder use

The Madison Area Transportation Board is moving forward with a Wisconsin Department of Transportation proposal to allow drivers to use the shoulders on the Beltline during rush hour.

Officials are calling it “dynamic part-time shoulder use,” and it passed on a 10-3 vote.

Supporters of the project say the pavement is already there and will make commute times more consistent.

Those who voiced opposition to the plan Wednesday night say narrow lanes are more dangerous and the plan could impede first responders’ ability to get to calls.

“So by allowing traffic to move more freely with the part-time shoulder during those periods of the day, we hope to reduce that congestion and then those related crashes,” said DOT supervisor Brandon Lamers.

The work now shifts back to the DOT.

Early next year, the DOT will be conducting an environmental noise study on the project before any construction can begin.

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