Bloomberg to take national stage for first time since Wisconsin advertising blitz

The former NYC mayor has spent $4 million+ on ads in WI

MADISON, Wis. — Odds are, you’ve seen his ads on your TV or walked by his campaign office on Madison’s Capitol Square.

Wisconsin is one of the 27 states Michael Bloomberg is zeroing in on this election cycle. So far, the former New York City mayor has spent more than $200 million on advertising alone since bypassing Iowa and New Hampshire. He’s spent $4 million on TV ads in Wisconsin.

Bloomberg will join five other Democrats onstage in Nevada Wednesday night, even though he won’t be on that state’s ballot either.

So, why the focus on Wisconsin?

“Wisconsin honestly is in the middle of everything,” said Scott McDonell, Dane County Clerk. “Whoever wins Wisconsin will win the presidency. Everyone in the world knows that. So we are under a microscope.”

However, the candidate who’s won Wisconsin has not always gone on to win the presidency. President Trump won in 2016, and former President Obama won in 2008 and 2012. But Democrats Al Gore and John Kerry both won before that, and neither went on to win the general election.

For now, voters will have to wait until Super Tuesday, when 40% of Americans vote on March 3rd, to see if this strategy will benefit Bloomberg. However, his presence on the debate stage alone is being called a “turning point” in the presidential race.

Bloomberg is expected to focus on many of the issues he’s been vocal about since the 2018 midterms: namely, gun control and climate change.

Don’t expect the Democrats onstage to welcome Bloomberg like many in Wisconsin have. All five have said they intend to attack him, starting with the idea he bought his way onto the debate stage.