Bloom Bake Shop opens on Monroe Street

Middleton bakery opens second location

Bloom Bake Shop is the kind of local place you brag about to your out-of-town friends. I make special trips to Middleton just for a sweet potato doughnut (which honestly makes me want to melt to the floor just thinking about it). So when I heard the owner of Bloom Bake Shop was opening a second, much bigger location on Monroe Street, I knew I had to be there on day one to help welcome the Middleton bakery to the city of Madison. I’ll be honest, seeing that scalloped “Bloom blue” awning on this eclectic stretch of Monroe Street got me a little giddy.

Owner Annmarie Maitri was all smiles the morning of Jan. 31 when Bloom officially opened its doors in the former location of Pasquals. The new space dwarfs the size of the Middleton location, with ample seating for in-shop dining. Maitri is thrilled about this new location’s expanded menu, including beer, wine and cocktails, more biscuit sandwich options and new pastry offerings, like the maple pecan stickies.

All of Bloom’s wedding orders will be moved to the Monroe Street kitchen, which can be seen through a big glass window in the back of the space. Maitri is also excited about the classes Bloom will soon offer that bring in guest speakers and demonstrators who will focus on sustainability. She also foresees that more baking classes might be offered, like a pie crust class.

I sat down on Bloom’s opening day to enjoy a cherry almond scone and a foamy latte. While I savored the morning treat, I watched as smiling faces streamed in and out of the shop with to-go cups and pastry boxes. A few sat down to enjoy the first sweet treat from a familiar place.

This shop feels like a Monroe Street mainstay already. I think I’m a little jealous of the Madisonians who have yet to experience Bloom and get to stumble upon this bakery for the first time.