BLOG: Viral Winners of the Week

From hero cats to 'fire rainbows'
BLOG:  Viral Winners of the Week
YOUTUBE: Jeb Durgin

Take a deep breath.  You almost made it through the week (unless you work the weekends)… nonetheless, here are some of my favorite moments of the week.  What are yours?  Tweet me and I’ll share!

1.  Hero Cat: Cat saves boy (and we cringe at the end of the video)

YOUTUBE: My Cat Saved My Dog

2.  News anchor scolds viewers during breaking weather

YOUTUBE: Anchor rants about callers

3. Driving through wildfires

YOUTUBE: Driving through the wildfires in San Diego

4.  Better than a double rainbow AND it’s local

Rainbow-like phenomenon

5.  The march of the ducks at a Sun Prairie school

YOUTUBE: Duck Walk