BLOG: Summer Restaurant Week takes off! Where will you go?

Madison Magazine's Restaurant Week kicks off
BLOG: Summer Restaurant Week takes off!  Where will you go?

When I first moved to Wisconsin, I thought, “Man, everybody talks about food.”  And then it only took a few weeks to learn why… um, because the food is amazing. 

And, then when my parents came to visit, they asked me, “Why do you talk so much about food?!”

Ah, I think I’m becoming a Wisconsinite.  You know, someone who loves a good craft beer, lightly breaded chunky cheese curds and a deep appreciation for football.  I could go on about the UW, dairy products, great schools, outdoor activities and more… but I was trying to keep this post short!  You get it if you get it, okay?

Another tradition for Madisonians is Madison Magazine’s Restaurant Week.

I have learned that I need to go to dinner on the first night because my work schedule keeps me from going at night.  The rest of the week, we have to hit up lunch spots.

So on Sunday, we went to Brocach on Monroe.  It was so delicious!  My husband got the petit filet and I ordered the pan crusted halibut.  I can’t even begin to tell you how great the dessert options were- we had a pecan bread pudding and a chocolate fondant cake.  Holy cow!

See more pics from Brocach

Anyway, where will you go this week?  Make sure you use the hashtag #restaurantweek, though you might see some other RWs from around the country going on this week, too. 

And shout out to me!  I want to know where we should go next!  Some of you have already hopped on FB to tell me where you’re headed and why!

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