Blog: L.L. Bean free organizer

If you get an L.L. Bean catalog, you'll want to pay attention
Blog: L.L. Bean free organizer
Freebie Alert

I love getting stuff for free.

Thanks to a recent catalog in the mail (who says you only get junk mail?)… I was able to snag a freebie from L.L. Bean.

If you look at the back of the catalog, you’ll see a $10 off promo code.

There are no restrictions on the code, so I bought a fleece lined organizer on sale for 9.99.  I used my promo code and got it for FREE!  I didn’t have to punch in a credit card for any reason, so it was just as simple as asking for a free item and getting it.

I found a few items less than $10 but I thought this was the best one for me.  Great stocking stuffer, secret santa present or just a little extra something for myself! 


DISCLAIMER: Note that all deals are subjective and sometimes vary depending where you live.  Also, I find deals that I like to share – I don’t get any kind of bonus from the store and sometimes deals change after I publish a story.  If you have a deal you’d like to share or a concern about another, contact me: @michellelitv