Black Restaurant Week to end with tasting event featuring food carts, caterers, & vendors

Try a variety of meals at the 'Jamboree Food Taste,' Sunday, Aug. 13th

MADISON, Wis. — There’s still time to support Black-owned food businesses during the city’s 6th annual Black Restaurant Week.

The 8-day event ends Sunday, Aug. 15 with the ‘BRW Jamboree Food Taste‘ in the parking lot of FEED Kitchen, 1219 N. Sherman Ave.

A handful of Black-owned food carts, caterers, and vendors will be serving at the outdoor, walk-up market. All samples cost $5.

The Jamboree will mark the end of Madison’s annual Black Restaurant Week. This year, nearly 40 businesses participated, including 12 restaurants, 7 food carts, 11 caterers, and 4 bakers.

Click here for more information and a list of the food businesses participating.

Unlike Madison’s other restaurant weeks, many of the businesses involved with Black Restaurant Week don’t have brick-and-mortar locations and many of the business owners work two jobs, just to break even.

“That’s why we exist,” said Camille Carter, president of Madison’s Black Chamber of Commerce. “We hope, one day, we can help these businesses transition 100% to their restaurants.”

Click here for a list of Madison’s other Black-owned businesses.