Bipartisan group pushing for redistricting reform

Current, former lawmakers see need for change
Bipartisan group pushing for redistricting reform

A bipartisan group of current and former Wisconsin lawmakers are coming together to call for changes in the way the Legislature draws political boundaries.

Republican state Sen. Dale Schultz and Democratic Sen. Tim Cullen scheduled a Tuesday news conference to talk about their push for redistricting reform. They were to be joined by former Republican Rep. Dave Martin and former longtime Republican political strategist Bill Kraus.

“We think it can be done better and we agree with them and apparently so do Republicans and Democrats in Iowa. It’s met the test of time, and it’s time again to shake things up in Wisconsin, and take a big step forward,” said Sen. Dale Schultz, R-Richland Center.

The government watchdog group Common Cause and others have called for changes in how Wisconsin redraws political boundaries every decade to make it less partisan. But those in the Legislature, both Republicans and Democrats, have been unwilling to give up the authority to draw the lines.