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John Roach writes a monthly column for Madison Magazine.

He is president of ROACH, an Emmy Award-winning video and film production company. Prior to forming his own Madison-based company in 1985, John was a producer at CBS and ABC in Chicago for six years. His credits include six Chicago Emmys, a National Iris Award for Best Television Special and a national CableACE nomination. He received the Peter Lisagor Award for Special News Production, plus recognition from the Organization of American Women in TV and Radio for his documentary work. His book, Way Out Here in the Middle, was published in 2003.

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Roach: Stars and stripes

This Fourth of July was different. I had been mulling over the notion of adding another banner to accompany the Stars and Stripes to add context to Old Glory.

Roach: Remote possibility

As we emerge from quarantine, squint at the sun and begin to gather in groups giddy with reclaimed freedom — and return, at least partially, to the office — it is worth pondering how we have changed.

Roach: Goodbye, old friend

The past year will be remembered as one of loss.

Roach: Better Man

The world has been dormant for a year. Life as we knew it has been on hold since last March. But in the midst of this latency period, someone has been working. And his name is Kaleem Caire.

Roach: The boomers are coming

Although COVID-19 and its variants have not been extinguished from our lives, we can now see a time when the vicious interloper will no longer be hovering over our shoulder.

Roach: A drawer full of masks

If all goes well, there will come a day when we finally tuck our masks away.

Roach: Knock it off!

'Assuming there are no further coup attempts, a new chapter for America has begun.'

Roach: Shot in the dark

'Wow. Almost didn’t get this column written because I was sick this past month.'

Roach: Winter is coming

We are entering a Wisconsin winter that promises to be unlike any we have ever experienced

Roach: The morning after

We face a divisive election that will determine the course of our nation for the next four years.

Roach: I want to be bored silly

After much thinking, musing and pondering, I have come to the realization that I want just one thing from our next commander in chief: I want to be bored.

Roach: Dumb and Dumber

"I wonder daily when and how we became so profoundly stupid."

Roach: Shelter from the storm

In times of turmoil, it is difficult to see the full story. But then it hits you: The chaos is the story.

Roach: Will COVID-19 be an uninvited wedding guest?

Well, didn’t the Roach clan pick an interesting time to plan a wedding?

Roach: Love in the time of COVID-19

In the middle of a pandemic, my family is having a party.

Roach: That word

Lately, Madison has had some issues with the N-word.

Roach: The switch to remote Fridays

A few weeks ago, we made a modest change in our business

Roach: The men of the ice

The following email was sent last November to a select group of Chicago men.