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Doug Moe writes an online column titled “Doug Moe’s Madison” for Madison Magazine.

In this column series, which started running January 2016, Moe writes about interesting people, places and things in Madison.

Moe is a former columnist for the Capital Times and the Wisconsin State Journal, and former editor of Madison Magazine.

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Golden anniversary approaches for the ultimate bar band

It's been nearly 50 years since Dr. Bop and the Headliners featuring The White Raven played its first gig at Nitty Gritty.

Joel DeSpain signs off and hits the road

Joel DeSpain’s career took him from TV journalist to law enforcement public information officer.

New book brings Nellie McKay out of the shadows

The late UW–Madison professor’s groundbreaking work illuminated literature by Black women, but her own life was largely private.

Wonder Bar tales will live on

A proposed development may demolish the Wonder Bar but its stories will outlast us all.

Patrick McBride says he was 'The Luckiest Boy in the World'

The retired Madison physician's as-of-yet unpublished manuscript details his real-life teenage experiences, the stuff of sports fans' dreams.

Southern Wisconsin's connection to Ernest Hemingway

40 years ago, Monroe native Larry W. Phillips had an idea that resulted in sharing a copyright with Hemingway’s widow.

Forest Products Laboratory's wood expert answers the call

After Capitol insurrectionists destroyed historical wooden artifacts and objects, the U.S. Army tapped Madison research engineer Robert Ross for help.

Madison-based illustrator created a book of besties

Peggy Panosh built a career marketing for Oprah and others before discovering her own artistic talent.

March Madness comes to super fan Mitch Henck

Now back home in Indiana, the former Madison-area media personality is about to experience the NCAA Tournament in his backyard.

Andrew Maraniss delivers a home run with ‘Singled Out’

New biography on Major League Baseball’s first openly gay player is already a hit

Jessica Cavazos’ dreams for her organization are much too big to fit on a single sticky note

In getting the job that changed her life, Jessica Cavazos gives partial credit to a sticky note.

Twenty-two years and counting for 'Jonathan and Kitty’

The popular Madison morning show radio co-hosts have made the Best of Madison list every year since 2003.

How a 'death doula' brought peace to a Madison family

Veterans' advocate and author Doug Bradley enlisted a professional to help his mother die peacefully.

What's next for a Madison marketing maven?

More than 40 years into her career, Marsha Lindsay is still connecting the dots.

Local chess prodigy looks beyond the board

Madison’s Awonder Liang was a grandmaster by 14 — now he’s got his sights set on college.

Ryan Rose tames wild mustangs and teaches others to do the same

Ryan Rose has trained 1,000 horses in his lifetime. His three-week mustang-taming course draws students from all over the world.

Remembering Bob Royko: 'Everyone should have such a brother'

The longtime Madisonian died in January nearly 25 years after his famous sibling, Mike. Doug Moe pays tribute to them both.

Celebrated golf entrepreneur offers to transform Glenway Golf Course

Michael Keiser will fund the renovation with ‘no strings attached’

A Madison woman found the RNC pipe bomb in D.C.

After the FBI interviewed Madison native Karlin Younger about discovering the pipe bomb, so did Doug Moe.

A UW Alum Pens an Untold Watergate Tale

James Barron's new biography helps Elias Demetracopoulos posthumously tell his mythic story

Carlton Jenkins is up for the challenge

As the new superintendent of the Madison Metropolitan School District, Carlton Jenkins’ career comes full circle.

Madison’s Mar-a-Lago Connection

Before it became Trump's Florida resort, Mar-a-Lago was a home for Marjorie Merriweather Post and her Wisconsin-born husband.

Madison author has a new book and memories of legendary test pilot Chuck Yeager

In Lenore McComas Coberly’s view, Yeager’s character — and her own — were formed by the West Virginia hills town where they grew up.

Auctioning Oscar Mayer history

More than 300 items of memorabilia from prolific local collector are up for auction through Dec. 20

A Madison native’s love letter to Cubans and their vintage cars

Michael Shapiro's interest in pre-1960 American cars in Havana inspired his new, bilingual book.

John Hayes carries on philanthropic tradition at Goodman’s Jewelers

Goodman's Jewelers suffered more than $100,000 worth of damage, and $40,000 in inventory was stolen.

Farm boy to fighter pilot: George Kohn’s 'Vector to Destiny'

The story of a Dodge County kid who messed up a high school English paper and because of it wound up learning to fly fighter jets.

UW Radio alums snag a British legend

Retired Madison broadcast engineer recounts the unlikely story in a BBC radio interview listened to by six million-plus.

A new book, an old whiskey and the birth of a legend

Wright Thompson's latest, "Pappyland," sends Doug Moe on the hunt for a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle.

Monica White uncovers the history of farming by Black Americans

White became the first Black female tenured professor in both the College of Agriculture & Life Sciences and the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies.

The West High grad who took the ‘The Lion King’ to Broadway

As a Disney executive, Peter Schneider helped reinvigorate the company.

After 42 years in the hotel biz, it’s check-out time for Scott Faulkner

His family owned the Edgewater, where many celebrities stayed.

On a motorcycle at 17,000 feet in the Himalayas

Alec Loftus seeks adventure as he travels overseas.

Plaza Tavern's pals come to the rescue

Owner grateful for $75,000 raised but still fears for Plaza's future if it can't reopen soon.

Catching up with civic stalwart Frank Alfano

Former Dane County facilities manager is organizing fellow retirees for local United Way projects.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Kit Saunders-Nordeen and justice for girls’ sports

UW-Madison’s first director of women’s athletics turns 80 today.

Madison is home to one of the world’s top virologists

Yoshihiro Kawaoka is studying COVID-19 at his posts at UW–Madison and the University of Tokyo.

Late boxer to be inducted into UW Athletic Hall of Fame

Doug Moe remembers (and apologizes to) Dick Bartman

Madison native subject of stirring memoir of life with Down syndrome

David Egan benefited as one of first preschoolers at UW-Madison's Waisman Center

West High grad directs a Middle East 'kidnapping thriller'

Cyrus Nowrasteh's film 'Infidel' opens nationally on Sept. 18