Amanda Quintana

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Hometown: San Francisco, Ca

High School: Mercy High School Burlingame

College: San Diego State University

Other Journalism Experience: I was an anchor and reporter for KAPP/KVEW in Eastern Washington and Oregon for two years. Before that I worked as a production assistant at KPIX in San Francisco.

Started at News 3 Now on: October 23, 2017

What is your favorite part about living in Madison? I love the beautiful trees and all the huge dog parks! I have a chocolate Labrador Retriever and I love to explore with him.

What is the biggest news story that you’ve covered? I was in the Path of Totality for the 2017 total solar eclipse. Small towns in Oregon were flooded with thousands of people excited to see the first spot in the U.S. where the eclipse would make landfall. It was a truly amazing experience!

What do you like to do in your spare time? I watch a lot of TV shows. My favorites right now are Grey’s Anatomy, This Is Us and Jane The Virgin.

What is your favorite place to vacation? Sitting on the beach in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is my favorite feeling in the world. My family has had a time share there since I was little. We try to go back every summer.

Who is your hero and why? My mom. I come from a long line of strong women and my mom has always been a role model for me. She is a Nuclear Medicine Technologist and truly cares about each patient. Her fun-loving, hardworking spirit is inspiring.

What was your favorite band when you were in high school? I have always loved Taylor Swift.

Who would you most like to interview alive or dead, and why? Prince. I saw him with my dad at one of my first concerts as a kid. I will never forget it. He influenced a generation of musicians.

What is your favorite tradition around the holidays? My family makes tamales together every year with my grandma. They are delicious!

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received? The best things in life aren’t things.

Where were you when September 11, 2001 occurred? I was watching the morning news with my mom. I remember seeing her shock and pain, but I didn’t really understand it because I was in the 4th grade. I didn’t begin to grasp the gravity of the situation until all the kids were sent home from school and I saw the footage of the Twin Towers playing over and over on TV.


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