Bill would extend alcohol commitment protocols to drug users

Bill would extend alcohol commitment protocols to drug users
Alcohol is a diuretic, meaning it dehydrates us rapidly, stealing away essential B, A and C vitamins -- all of which help skin look healthy. Drinking too much depletes magnesium and zinc levels, as well as fatty acids.

More details are emerging about a bill that would allow opioid addicts to be involuntarily committed.

The measure’s authors, Rep. John Nygren and Sen. Alberta Darling, began circulating the bill for sponsors Monday.

The bill would extend the same procedures in place to involuntarily commit alcoholics to drug users. Three adults could petition for involuntary commitment by alleging the user displays self-control, is dangerous and is a child or indigent. The petition also would have to include affidavits of personal knowledge of the allegations’ basis.

A judge would have to set a preliminary hearing and if probable cause is found a full hearing would follow.

The bill is one of a dozen anti-opioid measures Gov. Scott Walker wants lawmakers to pass in a special session.