Big impacts to travel despite modest snow amounts – Chris


MADISON, Wis. — Winter Weather Advisories remain in effect as the next storm system begins to approach Wisconsin from the south and west.

This storm has created major issues to travel over parts of Nebraska and Iowa, and those issues are headed towards Wisconsin. Snow will begin to overspread the area during the evening rush hours. Likely arriving right around 5:00PM.

As the snow increases, so will the winds, gusting upwards of 30 miles per hour at times.

The combination of heavy falling snow and gusty winds will lead to visibility near 0 at times, perhaps for a few hours, along with considerable blowing and drifting.

This is why travel impacts will remain very high, despite snowfall amounts being rather modest. When all is said and done, amounts will remain lower in the far south due to freezing rain and sleet mixing in overnight.