Big Flavors at Little La Taguara

Warm up with Venezuelan treats
Big Flavors at Little La Taguara
Shredded beef with fried egg, black beans and rice (front) and assorted fried appetizers (back).

In Venezuela, a taguara is an unpretentious cafe. At La Taguara, big Latin flavors overshadow any lack in stature. Sconnies should find comfort in fried appetizers like cheese sticks, empanadas and tostones. A Venezuelan specialty is arepa, a hollow fried bun made from corn flour–perfect for stuffing. Big plates include generous portions of choices like slowly cooked and shredded beef, crispy fried fish and garlicky shrimp. A bottle from its fine selection of Central American and Mexican beers is the perfect complement. On a cold winter’s day, a trip here will warm your soul.

La Taguara 3502 E. Washington Ave., 721-9100,

Dan Curd writes about food for Madison Magazine.