Big clean-up gets big response

Pulling together to help
Big clean-up gets big response
East side of Madison. Branch fell on my car sometime this morning.

Storms like those that ripped through Madison, Verona, Platteville and other parts of area over the last 48 hours can devastate a community. They can also pull a community together.

While every natural disaster presents unexpected challenges, we’ve been impressed with the responses of city officials, energy companies and of course neighbors.

We live near the Greentree Neighborhood and we watched city trucks, heavy equipment, police officers and others get right to work checking on the health and welfare of residents, cleaning up, and keeping thoroughfares open.

MG&E faced major obstacles to restoring power to the thousands of homes that suffered outages and they worked around the clock to finish the job. And as always neighbors stepped forward to help neighbors and first responders alike.

Later Wednesday Mayor Soglin appropriately reminded citizen volunteers to be careful in their efforts to help, especially in the vicinity of downed power lines.

That’s good advice. But we want to recognize the efforts of those same neighbors as well as city workers and utility repair folks. They are appreciated.