B&GC shares plans for job training center

FITCHBURG, Wis. — The Boys and Girls Club of Dane County broke ground on a new job training facility in Fitchburg Tuesday afternoon.

The center scheduled to open in the fall of 2022 is meant to provide area young people with job training and placement in careers such as plumbing, construction, Hvac, and welding.

It will also house the corporate offices for the club.

John McKenzie said he has been working with the Boys and Girls Club on this project for five years and with the help of his family he was able to purchase and donate the building on Verona Rd.

“These are great jobs and they’re satisfying jobs but they’re not being advocated for–they’re not being taught in schools,” McKenzie said.

He also said it’s time for these skilled profession to get some new blood.

“The industry is primarily a bunch of old white men and their aging out,” he added. “We need more woman in the workforce we need more people of color in the workforce.”

The BGCDC is also partnering with the Madison Area Builders Association to make sure those going through the program not only have access to training but new jobs as well.

Jobs the association’s Executive Director Chad Lawler said are in high demand.

“Even pre-pandemic the state of Wisconsin had over 8,000 construction related open,” he said.

The BGCDC has already raised half of it’s 17 million dollar goal to sustain the program.

Renovations on the currently vacant building will begin in one month.