Best spaces to work

Four spots had creative workplaces
Best spaces to work
Photo by Kate Kostsina
Frazer Consultants employees enjoy a lounge and bar area.

Many of this year’s finalists credited their creative workspaces with contributing toward a good workplace atmosphere. Here are four examples.

Open Concept

Frazer Consultants
“The open concept is pretty incredible–along with a 16-by-8-foot video wall, fully stocked bar, 16-foot ceilings [and] windows floor to ceiling. What we built a year and a half ago is pretty cool. But of course, like everything else in our company, we can’t wait until version two. :-)”
-Matt Frazer, presidentBest spaces to work

Wishes Realized

Nordic Consulting Partners
“We are forward thinking and evolving with the ever-changing health care market … Last year we had an ‘I Wish’ session in which everyone at all levels of the office was invited to sessions in which they shared anything and everything that they wished for that would make Nordic a better place. Based on those wishes, changes were made from something as small as installing a new filtered water fountain all the way up to starting large corporate initiatives to improve the business.”
-Scott Gierman, marketing managerBest spaces to work


“Forte provides a wide range of perks for the team–fully stocked kitchen, game room, yoga studio, company paid lunch and learn meetings, company get-togethers that include significant others and children, and other avenues for team-based activities … When individuals feel that the organization deeply cares for them, it naturally leads to reciprocation.”
-Shree Kalluri, founder, president/CEO and chief customer officerBest spaces to work

Bold Design

Powderkeg Web Design
“Our workplace is designed for our employees, by our employees. The team played a part in the planning process when we remodeled our open concept space. The end result was a collaborative, creative and fun space.”
-Kevin Lucius, vice president

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