Best of the ‘Burbs: Theater group

Stoughton Village Players named best theater group
Best of the ‘Burbs: Theater group

Stoughton Village Players, Stoughton
Dan Prueher, a board member of the Stoughton Village Players, pulls back the curtain to offer a behind-the-scenes look at the group, which has been producing plays since 1973. “We may be best known for the original comedic play we write every year to entertain guests and locals alike during Syttende Mai. We are told that people look forward every year to seeing what crazy production we have up our sleeves to make fun of Wisconsin, small-town life and the Norwegian culture so prevalent in our town,” he says. “With a smaller stage and limited backstage areas, building sets and handling large casts is always a challenge. In 2011, our 100th show was the musical ‘Annie,’ which had a cast of 48 with many children. Since they were only onstage at specific times and we had used our entire backstage to create the Warbucks mansion, we decided to move the kids next door to the library when they weren’t needed and bring them back to the stage through a special ‘orphan hole’ in the set. Smaller spaces encourage lots of head-scratching but also build on the creativity of our group.”

Second place: Verona Area Community Theater, Verona. Third place: Wisconsin Heights Players, Mazomanie.