Best friends die in crash; leave behind 5 children

Best friends die in crash; leave behind 5 children

Fundraising efforts are underway to provide for five children whose fathers died the day after Thanksgiving.

Tony Covington, 33, and Carlos Wilson, 29, died November 24 after their car malfunctioned and crashed.

The crash was reported at 2:05 a.m. at the end of the Jackson/Van Buren off-ramp of eastbound I-794. Covington and Wilson were in the same car when it left the off-ramp of eastbound I-794 and struck a bridge pillar, according to the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office.

Covington and Wilson had been best friends since they were teenagers.

“Tony and Carlos were best friends to the very end. They were very family oriented. It was hard for us to separate them,” said Danielle Cherry, Covington’s fiance.

They leave behind five children. Covington had three children ranging from 11 to 2 years old and Wilson had twin 4-year-old girls.

“It’s devastating for our kids. We can’t believe that it’s actually real. We can’t believe that this is our reality that we are dealing with because we had plans,” Cherry said.

While those plans now look a lot different, Danielle Cherry and Tasia Carter, Wilson’s fiance, are remembering their fiances by the example they set for their families

“Their daddy was a good man; he cared about everyone. He would want you guys to be the best girls you can be,” Carter said.

Both women describe the men as hardworking and dedicated to providing for their families. Both Covington and Wilson were the sole providers for their families. Covington worked full-time. Aside from work, Wilson was set to graduate in 2019 from Madison College and was on the Dean’s list.

Both Cherry and Carter said they find comfort in knowing the men will live on through their children.

“They got so many qualities of them, it’s there already. We definitely see them in their children, which is the happiest part about everything, is that we get to see them live through their kids,” Cherry said.

Both families have set up GoFundMe accounts under Carlos Wilson and Tony Covington’s name to help with expenses.

A parent-teacher group at their children’s school will also donate any funds received by the Lapham/ Marquette PTG until December 8 to help the families.