Bernie Sanders leads in Wisconsin in latest Marquette Law School Poll


MILWAUKEE — The newest Marquette Law School Poll revealed Thursday afternoon that Sen. Bernie Sanders is a favorite to win the Wisconsin Democratic Presidential primary for the second straight election.

Sanders leads the Democratic primary at 29%, a 10% increase from the January polls.

Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg now sits in second, ahead of former Vice President Joe Biden, who sits in third.

In potential head-to-head matchups with President Trump, only Sanders tops 45th president by a 48% to 46% margin.

Trump edges Bloomberg 45% to 44% and is tied with Biden.

“As the voting takes place these things can certainly change,” said Prof. Charles Franklin, the executive director of the Marquette Law School Poll. “But if you look at January before any places voted to now, it’s been very good for Bernie Sanders, very good for Mike Bloomberg and not so good for Joe Biden. And none of the others have really managed to break into the top tier.”

Wisconsin’s primary is April 7.