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Bergstrom Automotive

Best Dealer Auto Service Shop | Silver Winner
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Best Used Car Dealer | Bronze Winner

Faster Than the Speed Limit

You can buy almost anything online and these days, that includes new and used vehicles.

Bergstrom Automotive, Wisconsin’s largest dealer, wanted to cut down on the wasted time and hassle of the traditional buying experience while maintaining the high level of customer service they’re known for across the state. That’s why they launched the Express Purchase website feature in Madison as of January.

Customers can complete their entire transaction online if they want — from initial research, to signing paperwork and securing a loan, to having their vehicle delivered right to their driveway. Of course, Bergstrom’s sales and support team is still available to help if guests prefer to take any part of the purchase process offline, like scheduling a test drive or picking up the vehicle from the lot.

There are a handful of national chains offering an online vehicle buying experience, but they can’t come close to the reliability and service of a local dealership, says Tom Ferry, general manager of Bergstrom Cadillac of Madison and Bergstrom Chevrolet of Madison.

“At Bergstrom, there’s someone you can have a relationship with, someone you can talk to anytime,” Ferry says. “You can trust the vehicle you’re getting and trust the service that backs it up.”

Plus, when customers shop at Bergstrom, in person or online, they’re supporting their local economy and community.

Ferry says that guest feedback about the Express Purchase feature has been very positive. Customers can shop on their own schedule, from home — or wherever is most convenient. One guest even bought his vehicle online from his deer stand during hunting season!

Express Purchase is a great complement to Bergstrom’s Upfront Pricing philosophy.

“At the end of the day, it’s about providing our guests with a comfortable buying experience and making sure they feel confident in their decision,” Ferry says. “You can’t make a mistake buying from Bergstrom.”

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