Berbee Derby is all about turkey hats and community donations

Thanksgiving run raises money for Technology Education Foundation
Berbee Derby is all about turkey hats and community donations

It was cold and snowing. A breeze added a sting to exposed skin yet 6,700 runners weren’t bothered a bit. They showed up early on Thanksgiving morning for the 11th running of the Berbee Derby.

“Because Thanksgiving, it is the best family holiday and people just want to get out and do a family friendly event and what better way to do it than do a race and then feel good about eating Thanksgiving dinner,” said Jessica Benson, Race Director for the Berbee Derby.

The Berbee Derby offers runner the option of running a 5K or 10K course. Many runners embrace the Thanksgiving holiday by wearing costumes and turkey hats during the race.

Many months of planning go into the Berbee Derby, and preparing for the weather is certainly part of that.

“We have to prepare for all weather. It would be really nice if it was 50 degrees and sunny, but we don’t always get that so we are prepared to be in the snow, in the rain, we just keep going,” says Benson.

The chance to get out and run with friends and family allows participants to indulge in a Thanksgiving dinner with a clear conscious.

“It will be justification for having another slice of pie or another drumstick,” said Chris Reed, a Berbee Derby participant.

The proceeds from the Berbee Derby go to the Technology Education Foundation which provides grants to schools and non-profit organizations in the community. In the first ten years of the race, the Technology Education Foundation has given out more than $688,000 in grants.