Belts used as weapons in street fight; Teen injured, officials say

Squad car struck while helping vehicle in ditch

A teenager was injured in a street fight involving as many as 20 people Monday night on Madison’s south side, officials said.

Madison police responded to a street fight around 10 p.m. in the 4200 block of Valor Way, officials said.

Witnesses told police as many as 20 people were involved, according to a release. Witnesses also reported that one person had a knife and some people involved were using belts as weapons.

Officials said the group scattered when they arrived but officers located a 17-year-old boy who was injured.

The boy told police he had been struck in the face and hit his head on a curb after falling to the ground, according to the release. The last thing he remembered was being punched and kicked.

Police said some people involved in the fight have gang affiliations but some of the people involved told police the fight started when someone had insulted someone else’s mother.

The injured boy needed stitches for a cut on his head, according to the release.

Officials said the boy was not forthcoming with information and told police he did not want police to intervene in the situation.

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